LUMEN 2012
Staten Island, NY

Following on LUMEN 2010, Landing Studio, again worked with Staten Island Arts and Atlantic Salt Inc., to design the LUMEN film festival on an active maritime industrial salt dock in Staten Island NY. The 2012 video and performance art festival included the work of over 50 artists curated by Christopher Eamon. 

For the event, Landing Studio designed and installed infrastructure to transform the active industrial salt dock landscape to become a temporary festival grounds. The design incorporated a collection of sculpted salt landscapes which were crafted by the salt terminal operators, used by artists as their medium or backdrops to their work and by visitors for seating and views. The design incorporated theatrical lighting on the dock landscape to illuminate specific dock architecture and equipment, and retrofitted existing security lighting of the dock with color gels and stencils to create ambient lighting for the event. Artist's work was contained or projected onto shipping containers, salt piles, in a maintenance garage and dock storage spaces.

The event attracted approximately 3000 people over the course of the night.

Sponsored by: 
Staten Island Arts
Atlantic Salt, Inc.