City College of New York | 2015 - 2016

The installation takes the form of a hyper-specific crate with spaces, materials and finishes designed to the particularities of the environments housed within. The outer layer of the crate is made of four photo galleries that focus on sites of primary industry. The inner part of the crate is made of six compartments, each showing a project focused in the intersection of industry and the city. 

The crate was built over a 12 day period in August of 2015, the approximate amount of time it takes a ship to travel from China to New York City through the Panama Canal. 

Thank you to the City College of New York, especially Acting Dean Gordon Gebert, Chair Julio Salcedo-Fernandez, and Michael Miller.

Thank you to: Jonah Gardner, Timur Sayfulin, Alvaro Almada, Jethro Rebollar, Alex Centeno, Jaume Escandell Bagues, Aransa Garcia, John Orozco.