Cambridge, MA

In this project we were presented with a program focused on integrative pain management involving both kinetic, active therapy and meditative, personal treatment. Architecturally, we were presented with an unremarkable one-story warehouse building; two sides of which were light, and two sides which were dark.Out of the undefined volume of the warehouse, we set out to carve two profoundly different environments. Where we found light in the space, we exploited the hollow architectural shell to create an open and free volume, designed to transmit light deep into the interior through mirrors and translucent material. The use of luminous color and planted vines extends the space of the exterior inside. A trellis balloons through the space, erasing the ceiling and suggesting a height beyond. Past this voluminous interior and an internal sunset-colored facade, the trellis leads through a compressed passage to a collection of introverted treatment rooms that exploit the dark architecture of the warehouse. Here, the colors switch from luminous to muted, and connection to the exterior is mediated through large-scale photographs of nearby landscapes. Upon finishing treatment, the spatial sequence is reversed and the space funnels back outside.