Boston, MA

As part of the larger I-93 Under-Story project, a new storm water filtration and public recreation landscape is introduced where the viaduct delaminates at the interchange with the Mass Turnpike, where daylight and rain freely infiltrate the space.

Currently, storm water collected in drain leaders from the elevated highway outfalls directly into the Fort Point Channel and Boston Harbor. The project severs the drain leaders above the ground and re-directs the storm water into a connected series of vegetated and non-vegetated filtration zones, responding to related swathes of daylight and shade due to the structure of the viaduct above.

As an active infrastructure channeling hundreds of thousands of cars daily, the underside of the viaduct must be accessed regularly for structural inspections and maintenance. Using the reach coverages of a typical man-lift, the design provides a paved maintenance access system which doubles as public event and hardscape recreation space where light does not penetrate for vegetation.

This project received a BSA Unbuilt Architecture and Design citation in 2014.

Client: MassDOT
Engineering and Landscape Architecture: VHB