BSA Space, Boston, MA

In Form: Communicating Boston was the inaugural exhibition of the new Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Space, focusing on the work of Boston architects that "explore how design can shape our understanding of the urban realm, expand its cultural sphere and propose new possibilities for its development." 

Landing Studio created a series of <a href="#research/07_Doc_Ops_Stop_Motion?img=0">time-lapse videos</a> that documented different scales of time in relation to the physical shape-shifting of the Chelsea MA salt pile. Two cameras captured the salt pile every five minutes throughout a four month winter period from different vantages. One camera in a nearby drawbridge-tender's house witnessed the broad waterside vantage. The other camera, located in the attic of a land-side house, captured the view from the neighborhood. 

The process of condensing four months into ten minutes amplified the characteristics of the salt pile as a fluctuating urban scaled landscape. The changes in the salt landscape are often only subtly perceivable in real-time, yet are highly influential on shaping elements of the urban environment, such as the city's horizon. As the ships discharged their cargo, the salt piles grew with an unseasonable lack of snow, incrementally blocking out more of the city skyline beyond. 

Two additional monitors zoomed in on specific activities and shorter moments of the salt pile's kinetic transformations, showing the sculpting of salt within ship holds and the carving of the salt piles for truck loading. These zoomed in views highlight the operations that accumulate to transform the broader landscape. 

over,under - Curator

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